Our Partners

Ethical Panda are proud towork with the following NGO’s:

1) Nebedaay basd in Senegal;

2) Sambhav Foundation based in Punjab, India;

3) One Million Trees in One Day, Dublin, Ireland.

Who Are Nebeday?

Nebeday are a typical positive NGO example of local villagers in Senegal Africa coming together to save their local natural resources and the environment by planting trees that provide families with food,
medicine that save lives, income, bio-diversity, etc. In 2016, Nebeday have launched a successful tree planting campaign “l’opération 100 000 arbres“ resulting in over 182 000 trees planted! Nebedaye also develop local educational community programs. In terms of native trees, the focus is on planting one miraculous tree called Nebeday. In local Wolof language, Nebeday means “Tree of life” attributed to the Moringa Oleifera. Thanks to its exception medicinal and nutritional qualities, this tree is also affectionately called “Dr. Maringa”. Moreover, it is a very hardy tree. L’Association

L’Association Nebeday

Ethical Panda a choisi Nébéday comme partenaire tout simplement parce que Nebeday sont l’exemple positif typique d’association ou les villageois au Sénégal agissent ensemble pour sauver leurs ressources naturelles et l’environnement en plantant les arbres qui leur donnent de la nourriture des médicaments qui sauvent la vie, un peu de revenue, la bio-diversité, etc. Ils ont plantéa ce jour des milliers d’arbres et ont lancé en 2016 “l’opération 100 000 arbres“ qui a été très réussie avec au compteur plus de 182 milles arbres plantés vers la fin Octobre 2016.

Le Nébéday est le nom Wolof d’un arbre, le Moringa Oleifera, qui est souvent qualifié d’arbre de vie car il peut nourrir et soigner les gens.

Nébéday est une association, présente au Sénégal et en France, qui a pour objet la protection, la gestion et la valorisation des ressources naturelles par et pour les populations locales d’Afrique.

Sambhav Foundation

Based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Website: www.sambhavfoundation.co.in/


Sambhav Foundation is committed to making India a better place to live. ‘हमबदलेंगेयुगबदलेगा’ Let’s cause the change we desire!!!

One Million Trees in One Day, Dublin, Ireland:

One Million Trees in One Day is a charity, not-for-profit, cross-border, community and environmental initiative which aims to plant a million young native trees at many different sites across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 24 hours.

Check out the alarming fast deforestation since you started viewing this page

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