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I am Ethical Panda.


Did you know that 46% of the world’s trees have been cleared so far at a rate of 15.3 billion trees per year?!!!  Yet, many people simply sit around and lament this tragic image of our planet’s forests  whacked into nothingness in the name of industry and development.

So, please help me plant 1 Million Trees to save our planet. Together, we can do this by creating a tsunami wave.

Your few dollars combined with the contribution from thousands of other individuals around the world will help regenerate forests.

Join our “TREE POSE CHALLENGE” campaign by planting a tree in someone’s name and nominate three others to do the same in order to magnify the wave’s ripples at a global scale.

“Nearly every problem has been

solved by someone, somewhere. The

challenge of the 21st century is to find

out what works and scale it up.”

Bill Clinton, former President of the


Alex Antar

I am Alex Antar from Ireland. A full time dad and IT professional by profession. Like most people in our shrinking global village today, I am troubled and saddened by the growing and compiling evidence of the worsening of the health of our planet with animals and plants disappearing at an insane rate in front of our own doors. I do believe that one does not have to be a dreamer to take action to save our planet.

However, I am inspired by thousands of single individuals in history who, against all odds, managed to create giant social waves that have positively changed the course of history. So, why not you and me. The delivery comes from the power of the masses triggered by one two or few individuals.

The good news is that PLANTING TREES is a revolution that is not as life risky as other revolutions.  It is not a costly investment either. So, my objective here is to harness the power of the internet and social media to encourage millions of friends of the Earth to plant one or more trees. Alternatively, it is much easier to simply give us few dollars that, with the help of our global tree planting NGO’s,  will allow us to plant and grow millions of trees and forests around the world. Even one single dollar is more than welcome.   



Our Mission

Our Mission is to grow a movement of people planting indigenous trees with their own hands in their own communities, and to partner with tree planting NGO to finance local forestry programs that benefit the local communities and economy.

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